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To help us move forward with this critical exercise, we have developed a high-level role statement capturing three key areas that we think could underpin the future role for local government in Tasmania. The statement is based on our research and engagement feedback in Stage 1. It is designed to promote community discussion and, hopefully, build some broad consensus to move forward.

A proposed role statement for local government in Tasmania

To support and improve the social, economic, and environmental wellbeing of Tasmanian communities by:

  • Harnessing and building on the unique strengths and capabilities of local communities

    This means local government is a crucial ‘grassroots’ democratic space where – through discussion, debate, and agreed collective action – local communities are empowered to draw on networks, build social capital, and forge cultural identities.

  • Providing infrastructure and services that, to be effective, require local approaches

    This means local government directs its resources to delivering those things that are shown to work best when designed and delivered at the ‘sub-regional’ scale. It also means that infrastructure and services should be delivered at a regional or statewide level if it is more effective and efficient to do so.

  • Representing and advocating for the specific needs and interests of local communities in regional, statewide, and national decision-making.

    This means local government is an effective local advocate in those areas where it does not have direct service delivery responsibility and works with other levels of government to facilitate and deliver the things their communities need most. Local government becomes a broker and delivery partner in a range of areas, in varying capacities.

More information about why we think the role statement is important and what we've heard from the community can be found in Section 2 of the Interim Report.

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