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Common themes across these reform areas include the need for a skilled and capable workforce, the challenges in recruiting this workforce across the State, and the need to increase the scale of council operations to improve local government’s strategic capacity and capability to deliver services.

Having considered these broad themes and feedback from councils and the wider community, the Board has identified eight reform outcomes for the Tasmanian local government sector. These are the things the Board believes are essential if our system of local government is to deliver the services and support the Tasmanian community needs.

In consultation with our expert focus groups, the Board has developed a suite of specific, targeted options that we think have the potential to improve the local government sector’s performance in delivering against these eight outcomes.

Fundamentally, all these options are aimed at improving the capability of councils to deliver for their communities, based on the Board’s emerging understanding of where the key pressure points are for the sector now, and in the future.

The reform options for delivering each outcome are detailed through the links below. There is also a survey on each page, so that you can tell us what you think about each of the reform options.

Reform Outcomes